2011 is coming to an end.. 2012 is on the way…. As we move on from one year to another it’s usual to have a flashback of the year gone by. Looking back I remember the many moments of joys and sorrows… But what makes memories worth remembering is the people in it. Many times we fail to recognize the true worth of people in our lives until we miss them the most. As the year draws to a close its good to think about the things that made me happy and learn lessons from my past mistakes. Sometimes when we’re hurt, the wound may heal but the scars still remain. But it’s worth the effort if we try to forgive others.Life offers us many chances to overcome our previous faults and failings but its left to us, whether we use them or not. I’ve learnt to find satisfaction in my success. The times I’ve been hurt have made me stronger. As 2011 fades into history, I’m getting prepared to be a better person…..


Time.. time.. time.. we often here this word in our daily lives. Often we don’t have time. Each of us has the same 24 hours a day, but how we use it changes. Some of us utilize it well and the rest of us are at loss thinking how to complete all the work we have in the given time. The reason why most of us are not able to complete our work on time is because of procrastination. We put off things for later and then we realize that the deadline is fast approaching. The best thing to do is put off putting things off  for later. The thing which you thought of doing later, do it now. Now’s the best time…..


I couldn’t find a title for my blog today. So thought a smiley would be good.I’m enjoying blogging these days. The joy I get from typing a few sentences and seeing them posted is really great. I’ve wondering why I didn’t start this earlier. I love to write. Its not that I don’t write often. The reason for not writing worthwhile is just Procrastination. Hope to get over it soon and come up with better ideas to write. That’s it for today. Hope to write something better tomorrow.


All of us want to be happy. All of us find ways to be happy. But how many of us can really tell that we’re happy? I can imagine few of you thinking about it. To be happy or not be is always left to us. Life offers us many such situations where we can decide to be happy or sad. These days we’re so busy that we don’t have time for ourselves. We don’t have time to enjoy life and make the best use of it. Is it worth wasting your time thinking about a little incident that spoilt your mood ? Give it a thought… We think of big things that make us happy. But, have we thought about the little joys of life? Do we think about the things which may seem mundane but add a lot of color to our life? Life’s short my dear friends. Every moment is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest measure. Learn to look for the positives in every situation. And remember to keep smiling always. A single smile can be the beginning of a chain reaction. So keep smiling and make others smile too..:)

The joy of writing

Writing can be fun. It’s a great way to put in words what you think. The words that you use not only improve your vocabulary but also allow your creativity to bloom. Writing is a nice way to spend your time when you are bored. Just pick up your pen and paper or if you are the tech savvy person, just pick up your device and go on typing. Writing helps you explore new avenues. You can write poems, stories, essays and a lot more. Even mundane things are great subjects to write on. When angry or depressed, writing is the best way to put out your feelings. So keep writing and keep enjoying and let your creative juices flow…